What Aspects Need To Be Considered When Purchasing A Morbark Grinder Or Horizontal Tub?


Horizontal and tub grinder styles are the two options. Since introducing the first industrial tub grinders in 1990, Morbark has led the land-clearing and wood waste recycling industry. We provide the widest selection of tub grinders on the market, available in multiple sizes and configurations, diesel or electric power, and with or without a cab and loader.

You can add many options to these selections to create the ideal Morbark Tub Grinder for your specific requirements. Tub grinders are well-liked because they are easy to maintain and operate efficiently. Set up your grinding operation in a far-off, secure location where onlookers are kept at a distance of 200 feet or more. A tub is a good option.

You have probably heard of the MORBARK Company if you work in the wood processing industry. Among the industry’s pioneers in producing wood processing machines is MORBARK. Norval Morey started the morbark grinder business in 1957 and has since expanded to rank among the most dependable producers of grinder wear parts and machinery.

Aspects Need To Consider When Purchasing Morbark Grinder or Horizontal Tub

Mechanism of Grinding

Seek for a premium grinding or tub, such as mortar grinders, which maintain the grinding mechanism and offer a consistent grind size. Horizontal grinders have the added benefit of processing longer material with less shearing or chain saw work, and they are better at containing flying debris due to their ability.

Construction and Durability

Take into account the materials that went into making the grinder, and make sure that it is made to last through frequent use. For processing and reducing wood waste, it combines performance and affordability. Additional features include two hydraulic augers that maintain flow during material surges to prevent plugging and a laser-cut hammer mill.

Tub Design

The material to be processed is kept in a large, horizontal tub found in horizontal tub grinders. The morbark grinder and horizontal tub’s design makes it possible to feed material efficiently and manage big amounts of wood waste. An alternative for processing organic waste that is often more economical and cleaner is electric power.

Strong Engine

The diesel engines that horizontal tub grinders usually have are strong enough to provide the horsepower to grind and process rigid materials. A redesigned space of 12′′ (30.48 cm) has been created between the hood and engine to enable easier access to parts for routine maintenance or screen replacement of morbark grinder.

Large Capacity for Grinding

These devices are perfect for commercial and industrial applications since they can handle big volumes of material. Various materials, such as wood, green waste, and other organic materials, can be processed using grinders and horizontal tubs. Certain horizontal tub and grinder models have energy-efficient designs that lower operating costs.

Adjustable Settings

Specific models allow for customization based on particular needs by providing adjustable settings for the final product’s size and consistency. Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS) automatically modifies feed rates and monitors pressures, feed wheel position, and other factors while using morbark grinders to optimize output and engine efficiency.

Safety Features

Safety is a necessary feature while using a morbark grinder or horizontal tubs. Many horizontal tub or morbark grinders to safeguard operators come with emergency stop buttons, safety curtains, and other devices. A well-established drive line protection system should guard against contaminants causing catastrophic damage.


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