How to Use A Document Camera on Zoom


A lot of people tend to talk about the document camera best buy on the Internet. Well, the first thing to note is people have different opinions about devices. That is why what seems like the best buy document camera may not exactly be great for another person. Also, people have different needs. When someone purchases a document camera that takes care of their immediate needs, that is the best document camera on the planet. There is no explanation anywhere that will make them change their mind about that choice. That is because they had a problem and this Document camera changed the story. Therefore, when you see anyone claiming that their Document camera is the best option, you do not necessarily need to join the assumption. Instead, evaluate what you need a document camera for, then find a compatible one.

Document cameras have many uses based on their amazing features. Some document cameras can double as presenting and recording devices. But in recent times, one of the best selling document cameras are the ones that work well with zoom. The pandemic in 2020 taught every individual and organization the lesson of being able to operate within the confines of your home. Everyone was indoors for up to six months, as the coronavirus crippled normal human activities. This situation led to the boom of video conferencing software, Zoom. Up until now when things are better, Zoom remains relevant. There are many document cameras that have features that enable them to work with zoom rather easily. Keep reading if you need to learn how to use your document camera on Zoom.

Choose a compatible Document camera and laptop

There are different types of document cameras globally with diverse features. Many brands are into the production of document cameras. So if you want to use your document camera for zoom, you need to first ensure that this camera is compatible with zoom. After that, check the connectivity of the document camera and ensure you have a laptop to match. This latter step is always easy because most document cameras are either working with USB or HDMI.

Set up your Document camera

Put your document camera in the required location. Ensure the camera is on the image you want to display. Do not yet turn on your Document camera.

Ensure it is connected with your computer

Before you turn on the device, check and ensure its connection with the laptop. Afterwards, you can now switch the device on. Immediately you turn on the document camera, your device should give a signal.

Launch a test Zoom meeting

You will need to test the device before the real meeting. So you will set up a test meeting where you are the only one.

Click the video icon for more options

Besides the video icon, there is another icon that drags down other options. Click on that icon. What you will see will be the options of cameras you have. If you have other cameras, it will show but ensure you choose your Document camera as default. Immediately, the display will change. All you need to do is check your image output to see if it is correct. If there is a flip, correct in video settings


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