How to Buy a Replacement Battery for HP Laptop?


Just like laptops become less efficient over time, their batteries are too. When you can’t afford to replace a laptop, you can easily replace its battery to boost performance. Nowadays, replacement batteries are very common and abundantly available for all types of laptops. Different manufacturing companies make and sell laptop batteries with different properties, quality, and different costs. For example, you can easily find a replacement battery for HP laptop in the market. However, knowing how to buy the right type of Batterie HP is important to avoid wasting your money. It is where this article will help you. So, let’s start!

Buying Guide for Replacement Battery for HP Laptop

While buying a replacement battery for HP laptop, make sure to look into the following important factors first.


To your surprise, HP batteries are designed specifically for specific laptops. You can’t use the same type of HP battery on different HP laptops as it won’t work. For example, you must use an EliteBook battery for your HP EliteBook Laptop and vice versa. Here, the important thing is that your laptop must be compatible with the type of battery. For this purpose, make sure to pay attention to your laptop’s name, serial number, model number, etc. to find the right battery match.


Another surprising fact is that laptop batteries are made up of different materials. A replacement battery for an HP laptop usually comes in one of the three materials.

  • Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCad)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Out of these three, Li-Ions are the best types of batteries that last longer and are most durable and efficient in performance. NiCad are heavier and need replacement more frequently while NiMH repeatedly overcharge and ultimately lose their ability to fully recharge.


Every laptop battery is connected inside the laptop through connectors. The positions of these connectors are different in different laptops. Therefore, a battery must fit in the laptop’s battery compartment in accordance with the connectors to work effectively.


The laptop’s battery voltage highlights the difference in power generated by the same battery. Generally, the laptop’s battery voltage range between 10V to 14V. The higher the voltage, the more current will pass through the battery which may cause overheating. The lower voltage would take more than usual time to charge your laptop. Therefore, an ideal battery’s voltage must be around 11V-12V for maximum performance without damage.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity means how much energy or power your laptop’s battery can store inside it. The units used to depict the battery capacity include MaH (MilliAmpere Hour), Wh (Watt Hour), and Ah (Ampere Hour). When buying a replacement battery for an HP laptop, choose it according to what your laptop can support.


The price of the laptop batteries starts from $40-$50 and goes up to $150 depending on the battery. Whenever you buy it for your laptop, make sure to check and compare the price with at least 2-3 sellers. Then, choose the battery with the best price or avail of any coupons/discounts if the seller offers any.

Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

A laptop battery must also come with a warranty as well as a guarantee from the seller. Usually, the laptop’s warranties are for a period of 12 months/1 year. During this period, you can claim free repairs for any technical issues with the battery. Moreover, the seller must also money-back guarantee for a few days or weeks in case the battery won’t work with your laptop. Some good sellers offer up to 30 days money-back guarantee for replacement batteries for HP laptops.

By keeping these simple things in mind, you can buy the most accurate, suitable, and right HP battery for your laptop.


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