Exploring Micro Bead Hair Extensions and Their Application Process


Hair extensions have been a game changer in the beauty industry to the point that they can be put on in a few hours to change the length, volume, and style of one’s hair. Among a wide variety of types available, micro bead hair extensions made a name for themselves by being multifunctional and delivering natural-looking results. Here in this article, we will take a journey into the realm of micro bead hair extensions, discussing their characteristics, advantages, and the ways to use them. If you want to study in detail, go now and give read to a detailed blog about Micro Bead Hair Extensions.

Idea Behind Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Micro bead extensions, also called micro loop or micro ring extensions, are small hair sections that are looped around or attached to tiny beads or rings. These extensions are added to small portions of the natural hair by applying them with a bead and loop tool. This removes the need for adhesives and heat during the application process. This process not only provides a harmless and gentle way to add length and volume to the natural hair but also does not harm the hair strands.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions – Advantages

Natural Appearance

Micro bead extensions are a perfect blend of natural hair and give a smooth finish as a result.


They can be colored, curled, and straightened like natural hair, so the opportunities are endless when it comes to styling them.


Good care micro bead extensions can stay healthy for several months and therefore, they are an economical option.

No Damage

Contrary to the usual bonding methods, microbead extensions do not affect the natural hair negatively during application. There is no application of adhesives or heat.

The Application Process


The journey starts with a meeting with a hair extension professional who qualifies. This expert will evaluate your hair type, texture, and final desired look to decide the most appropriate extension technique.

Color Matching

It is worth mentioning that the color and texture of the extensions should match your natural hair for a natural blend. The extensionist will pick shades that are a close match to your hair color and possibly even alter them if necessary.


The natural hair is divided into smaller sections, and the extensions are connected to each section with the help of small beads and a loop tool.


A tiny part of the natural hair is passed through a microsphere bead, and the extension hair is inserted into the bead. Next, the bead is clamped to hold the extension in place by tightening the clamp.


Finally, once the extensions are all attached, the hair is meticulously blended and styled to attain a natural look. The specialist can cut the extensions so that they will match your natural length and shape.


In conclusion, micro bead hair extensions are an answer for anyone who is looking for a way to increase the length and volume of their hair naturally and with more versatility. These products offer a gentle application process and long-lasting results, thereby becoming a favorite choice among those desiring to enhance their hair styling game.


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