Characteristics Of A Good Hot Tub


There are so many hot tubs in the market that you are bound to be spoilt for choice. If you have no idea what to look out for, chances are you will end up with a tub that is of poor quality. For this reason, you must pick out a tub that not only works well but will serve you for longer.

There are so many sites that offer good tubs, and you can click here to see some of the tubs available in the market. The one thing that will help you decide on the tub you will buy is looking at its features. A good hot tub should have the features listed below.

1. Jet options

Even though many people do not give it much thought, the jet options are an essential feature of the hot tub that you need to look into. Get a tub with various features that will control the amount of water the jets release and at what pressure. You can play around with these settings and get to a place where it works best for you. The more the jet options, the better your experience in the hot tub.

2. Filtration system

How clean and germ-free your tub stays will be determined by the filtration system you have installed. While some systems are so simple, they get rid of particles; some systems are complex. For instance, you can get an ozone system that uses oxidation to purify the spa water, so you do not have to keep adding chlorine to it all the time.

You can also get an automated system that monitors bromine and chlorine levels in the water and adds to it where need be. Such a system will save you the hassle of having to add these to the water yourself.

3. Lighting features

Even though many people ignore this, the lighting features available for your pool will play a great role in enhancing your user experience. Find out what features are available for your tub and how these look. You can ask to try them out before you make your final purchase. The lights will go a long way in setting the mood whenever you go for a soak.

4. Tub cover

To ensure your tub stays clean when you are out of it, you need a cover for it. There are so many covers in the market, and they all play different roles. If you can, get an automatic cover, so you do not have to keep pulling it over the tub every time you get out. There are several of these available in the market, and sometimes you can get one that comes with the tub.


Getting the right tub will ensure that it serves you for days to come. It is vital that you take your time and research the tub you want to buy. Ensure it has the features you like and is within your budget limits.


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