6 Amazing Tricks about VSD Screw Air Compressor


The launch of variable speed drive screw compressors has become an efficient working innovation of the present time with variable speed working. It was introduced in the past few years and his work efficiently supports the industry. The style of the compressor is made in such a way that it can control as well as reduce the wastage of energy through the compressors.

It has especially working unloaded conditions through which it can be controlled by various factors and make a huge difference. The pathetic reality is that even with its huge fame we are not well aware of its tips and tricks. To give you more enhanced knowledge about vsd screw air compressor, we have given some amazing tricks about it here.

1. Coordination with the Target along With the Start/Stop Level

There are four main settings in the VSD three of them are under the start/stop pressure band and mostly run under the minimum speed of the compressor. The one that is remained is set to work with the target where the compressor keeps hold over the discharge pressure at various speeds.

The different settings are programmed to control the operations of the compressor. Some manufacturers lock the settings of the target to the start while some work on the adjustment settings.

2. Widen the Pressure Band to Decrease the Start/Stop Frequency

In the past, there was unlimited start and stop working in the compressor which was a complete waste of energy and efficiency in continuous starting. Widening the pressure band of start and stop reduces the frequency cycle of the compressor especially in restarting. In this way, the compressor will not heat up and runs below the specific speed within a limited time.

3. Reduce the Unloaded Run Time through Its Settings

It completely depends upon the manufacturers whether they want to completely shut off the compressor when it’s time to reach the stop level. On the other hand, some people work on the unloading state in which energy is consumed but no air is produced in it.

It is better to reduce the time of unloading through the settings to avoid the problems in the cycling but still gave more efficiency to the system.

4. Installation of Remote Pressure Sensing

We have seen that the pressure of the air that is discharged from the compressor is very precise but when the air passes through different filters, dryers, and pipes it reduces with it. It is quite differential yet the airflow needed to be regulated when it is discharged.

It is encouraged to install a remote pressure sensor in the plant so that you can have the discharged air at the desired pressure. With the remote pressure sensing machine you can regulate the pressure of the air precisely.

5. PID Controller Settings

The pressure of the air needs to be on demand specifically in the time of extra work so that it may not overshoot or undershoot the desired pressure. The nature of compressed air is mostly with high momentum and bouncers hence its regulation is very difficult.

Manufacturers are encouraged to install PID controller algorithms to help out with the following problems by stabilizing the desired pressure.

6. Set Pressure Levels With Time

Sometimes a person needed to have different pressure at different times, days, or even weeks. The VSD compressor is designed for extra controls over a certain time or the parts of the day.

Manufacturers can reduce the pressure at night or on weekends so that the enhanced pressure would be on the main shifts. The pressure can be increased or decreased with the outward buttons.

Sum Up

A person should know the tips and tricks along with the basic knowledge of the VSD screw air compressor so that you may not restrict any point. To give you a helping hand we have given some of the basic tricks that are quite unknown in the commons. Knowing the given information will help you to use the VSD screw air compressor professionally.


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